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Managing Business Operations

Managing Business Operations

Workers Compensation

The business must be covered with Insurance from Workcover. This protects the wmployee from any work related injury or disease. Through this insurance, emploees are able to claim compensation through workcover for any incident that may have occurred. The premium payable is based on the Gross amount ofthe Total Wages for the year.

Worcover also regulate the standards of Health and Safety, and at any time may attend the premise to review that the business has everything up to scratch. The business can be fined if they find that the employees may be in danger during work hours. A First Aid Kit must be kept on the premises at all times.

Personal and Financial Responsibilities and Industry Accountability

Placing the client’s interest first is considered the hallmark of Professionalism. Bookkeepers are placed in positions of trust from their client and must remain honest and trustworthy. Fairness must be given to every employer and remain in a position of public image. Must show respect and be courteous to all employers and their employees in complying with the rules and regulations. Having competence to carry out the skills that are required of me. A relationship of trust and confidentiality to be protected and maintained and not discussed the client’s information to anyone.